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News from the legislative session, plus other key insights for HD43 residents.

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We are more than two-thirds through the legislative session. There have been a few controversial topics that have caused floor work to go into the late night hours and weekends.

There are strong opinions on both sides of the aisle, and the debates can get very emotional. The bills are being read at length and some debates are limited through Rule 14.

Rule 14 of the House Rules states that upon the affirmative vote of a majority of all elected members, debate may be limited to not less than one hour and that no other motion except to adjourn or to recess is permitted until the motion to close debate is decided.

These rules exist to ensure we can do the work that our constituents elected us to do. I will continue to work with the minority party to find common ground, as is our Colorado way.

My Bill Highlights

HB23-1206 County Sheriffs and District Attorneys

HB23-1206 passed the floor in the closest vote of the session. There was bipartisan opposition to this bill, but it is the right thing to do for good governance.

HB23-1208 Income Tax Credit for Eligible Teachers

Teacher tax credit bill went through the Education committee 7-4 and the Finance Committee 8-3. I had many colleagues tell me they were shocked I was able to have it introduced and move it through even one committee. Similar bills have failed for years to move past one committee. Now, the bill is heading to appropriations, and hopefully, to the House floor in the near future.

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HB23-1180 County Commissioner Elections

Unfortunately, HB23-1180 did not make it from committee to the floor failing to move forward on a 5-5 vote. The Committee Chair, who was leaning strongly in favor of the bill, was called away to court after a very late start. And then miscommunications led to a vote before the Chair could return. I will look at what we can do to reintroduce this good governance bill on its merits.

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HCR23-1002 Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption

HCR23-1002 is a necessary companion constitutional referendum to a bill we passed early in the session to change the definition of “disabled veteran” in the state constitution to include a group of disabled veterans that were inexplicably left out. The concurrent resolution needed a 2⁄3 vote to pass, but received 100%! We even worked over, and earned the vote of, a curmudgeon on the Joint Budget Committee who votes against any and all measures that may reduce revenue. It is the first, and so far only, concurrent resolution to pass this session.

SB23-156 Private Letter Ruling

HB23-1277 Reporting Adjustments to Taxable Income

Two technical tax regulation bills to help streamline the tax code are also moving through legislation. SB23-156 Private Letter Ruling and HB23-1277 Reporting Adjustments to Taxable Income. These types of technical good governance bills make the government more effective and efficient, leading to greater citizen trust in the government. While it is thankless unassuming work, I am honored that the Department of Revenue requested my help moving these bills into law due to their belief I had the maturity, judgment and expertise to recognize their importance and the ability to explain that importance to state house colleagues.

Townhall Update

We hosted our fourth Town Hall since the election for constituents in Highlands Ranch (HD43). My goal has always been to be transparent and accessible. I know there has been displeasure at some of my votes on all sides of the political spectrum. I want to always be able to explain my reasoning behind my votes so that even if one may disagree with my ultimate vote, they know that I thought it through and why I came to the decision that I did. That is why it is important to answer tough questions in person.

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Tribute to Sheriff Spurlock

Sheriff Spurlock had been an early advocate for mental health not only in the community but for law enforcement personnel. He created partnerships across Colorado with different counties and organizations to provide services for the community. That is why I was able to convince all five state House legislators with constituents in Douglas County to collectively honor Sheriff Tony Spurlock with a bipartisan tribute on the House floor for his decades of service to the Douglas County community and the State of Colorado. Watch the Sheriff Spurlock Tribute.

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Constituent Corner

I always enjoy being able to see and interact with constituents at the Capitol. This month, I met some 4th graders from Slavens Elementary in Denver Public Schools who were chaperoned by their grandmother, a constituent from HD43. I also enjoyed speaking with some of the constituents from the Windcrest Community who were touring the Capitol.

A more engaged citizenry that is informed of what their government is doing, and how it is doing it, the better. Feel free to drop me a line if you feel strongly about an issue. I love hearing from you. It is the best part of this job.

Other Useful Information

  • Follow bills at https://leg.colorado.gov/bills. If you feel strongly about an issue, please take action and write to the legislators. We love hearing from you!
  • Follow the daily schedule of floor work and watch/listen. The more citizens who are aware of what their government is doing, the better!
  • Better yet, come visit us and take a tour!
  • I look forward to hearing from you to learn how I can better represent you!
  • Reach my aides, June Churchill or Ishmeet Kalra at co.aide.marshall@gmail.com

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