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Sine Die...last day of 2023 legislative session was Monday, May 8th! After 120 days of work, Colorado legislators met the final deadline. State law requires that the annual session be adjourned no later than midnight on Sine Die.

Of the 617 bills introduced, 545 are done, either killed or sent to the governor to be signed into law. Of the 72 left, 36 are awaiting final action in the Senate, down from 49 on Friday. In the House, 36 are still awaiting final action, down from 107 last Friday.

All legislators worked hard to create working relationships to discuss issues facing constituents and collaborated on solutions that work to make lives better for people of our beautiful state.

There have been long hours of work, robust debates, personal victories, and some losses. This year’s legislature had a significant number of new legislators, and it was a pleasure to get to know everyone and collaborate to make a positive impact in the lives of people of our great state. I am grateful to have been elected to represent Highlands Ranch (HD43), and I hope to continue to represent all of my constituents to the best of my abilities.

My Bills for 2023

HB23-1206 County Sheriffs and District Attorneys

The bill was postponed indefinitely on 4/20/2023 in the Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs. Good governance laws are always difficult as those in power never want their power or privileges restricted, no matter who they are. And only those in power can make change.

HB23-1208 Income Tax Credit for Eligible Teachers

This bill died on the calendar in the Appropriations Committee. It was very frustrating as it had the votes to move and was #4 of 29 for funding priorities in the House Democratic caucus. Several colleagues said they were shocked I moved it through two committees and even moved it into appropriations. So perhaps I was naive. I was told it was “too expensive”. However, it is frustrating when they can find $45M to give $800 tax credit rebates to E-Bike purchasers and $45M to give tax credits to film producers, but can’t find $54M for $1000 tax credits to offset the out of pocket expenses of our teachers.

HB23-1052 Mod Prop Tax Exemption For Veterans With Disability

On 4/28/23, the bill was signed by Governor Jared Polis into law.

HB23-1180 County Commissioner Elections

On 3/2/23, the bill was postponed indefinitely in the House Committee on State, Civic, Military, & Veterans Affairs. I had some hope that I could revive it because of a process technicality on its 5-5 vote (the Chair was going to vote for it but had to leave and they called the vote despite the Chair’s request to wait for his return). But we will have to look at the next session.

HB23-1277 Reporting Adjustments To Taxable Income

On 5/6/23, the bill passed the Senate Third Reading without amendments and should be signed.

Constituent Corner

The legislative session might be over, but the conversations will continue. This week I attended a Braver Angels event hosted by the local chapter. I was among other local elected officials at this virtual event. The goal of the conversation was to increase understanding of local governance issues and bridge the gaps due to polarization and discuss other challenges in the local community. What I took away from the conversation was that we all need to reach out across the divide and engage within our local government to help create awareness. Only then will we be able to collaborate on issues facing the community, whether it be stormwater management, wildfire mitigation, taxation, or transparent governance.

I am looking forward to engaging with constituents in person during the interim. Join me at one of our upcoming events in and around the district.

During the last few months, our office has received thousands, if not tens of thousands, of emails. We’re continuing to verify constituent concerns and respond, but as you can understand, it is a process - thank you for your patience. As we continue working in the interim, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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